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Join us for the Chicago Pride Parade 2014 – I’m Sorry Campaign. Details here:

The “I’m Sorry Campaign” was the original activism of love apologizing to the LGBT community for the ways Christians have caused harm. We view this Campaign as our commitment to making the first step towards relational reconciliation in a tangible way.


One small idea of love has turned into over 34 million shares and over 116 million views on the most popular sites throughout the internet.

Photo Credit: Michelle at Maladjusted Media

In June 2012 the popular social web content site BuzzFeed named the I’m Sorry Campaign as the #1 Picture That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity.

In January 2013 the popular photo sharing sites Reddit and Imgur named the I’m Sorry Campaign as the seventh Best Image of 2012.

In June 2013 BuzzFeed again named the I’m Sorry Campaign the thirteenth of 28 Ways To Spot A Real Man.

During the 2013 Chicago Pride Parade, the I’m Sorry Campaign’s hashtag briefly trended on Twitter #ImSorry13


The I’m Sorry Campaign has also been featured on outlets from the BBC World News, ESPN, and the White House, to politicians like Cory Booker, and celebrities like Kristin Chenoweth, Lance Bass, Elizabeth Banks, Christina Applegate and Alyssa Milano.


Here are the original posts that took our small little act of activism viral:

Photo Credit: Michelle at Maladjusted Media

Couldn’t Be More Proud at Pride, You Know, In a Humble Way Of Course

I Hugged a Man in his Underwear. And I am Proud.

A Different Kind of Christian Demonstration at Gay Pride.


Since the I’m Sorry Campaign began to spread, we have gotten a number of requests to attend other cities Gay Pride Parades and join in with local community organizers for the I’m Sorry Campaign. If you are interested in joining, start making the signs and you can purchase the I’m Sorry shirts here.

If you would like The Marin Foundation to assist you in doing the I’m Sorry Campaign in your own city, please contact us at From its inception in 2010 at Chicago’s Gay Pride Parade, The Marin Foundation has partnered with faith communities and LGBTs to do the I’m Sorry Campaign in the following cities’ Gay Pride Parades:

Atlanta, GA; Birmingham, AL; Brighton, England; Denver, CO; Detroit, MI; Edinburgh, Scotland; Grand Rapids, MI; Guatemala City, Republic of Guatemala; Houston, TX; Kansas City, MO; London, England; Long Beach, CA; Memphis, TN; Miami, FL; Minneapolis, MN; Nashville, TN; Omaha, NE; Portland, OR; San Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; Sydney, Australia; Tulsa, OK; and Winnipeg, Canada.

Photo Credit: Michelle at Maladjusted Media


To sign up for updates about how you can continue with the I’m Sorry Campaign, please leave your name and e-mail address below! You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail immediately.


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Watch videos from people talking about why they have taken the “I’m Sorry” pledge (what they’re sorry about and what they’re committing to do about it):

If you are a Christian that would like to submit a video sharing what you are sorry about and in what specific way you will commit to making things better for individuals in the LGBT community, post the video on YouTube and email the link to