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In Their Words…

“Hey, I wanted to personally thank you for what you are doing. My aunt who was incredibly against my “lifestyle” came home from a gathering after hearing you speak and now understands me a lot better and shows a lot of love not only for me but also for my friends. This is a woman who talked to me when I first came out about the fact that she read a book that says I can “change”. I never thought that she would accept me. And I owe it to you. Thank you! And thank you for everything you do. You all are life changers.” –Maria

“Andrew, I am a lesbian atheist (sometimes call myself a ‘gaytheist’ – ever heard that one before?) who was married to a United Methodist minister for 16 years. A friend sent me a link to http://www.loveisanorientation.com. Normally I would ignore it. I’m what you might call a ‘strong atheist.’ For whatever reason I clicked the link and just realized I’ve been reading and watching you for two hours. Wow. You could say that I’ve been on both sides of “us vs them,” the church side and now the LGBT side. I’m not sure what I’m trying to say here, except that you might be the first Christian I’ve listened to for more than 3 minutes in the last ten years. I’m still an atheist (sorry!), but you have pulled me away from being so judgmental myself, and helped lead me to a place that’s more open and loving. Thank you. If there is ever anything I can do for you I hope you’ll let me know. I might say no, but who knew I’d jump on board with an evangelical tonight?!” –Jan

“My name is Matt, and I’m a gay Christian attending a Christian college on the west coast. I happened upon your blog (a friend forwarded the link to me). I just wanted to thank you for the work you’re doing. Here at my college, homosexuality is such a taboo topic (if I came out, for example, I would just be a target for persecution). It’s so frustrating, and seeing you do so much work to initiate the conversation about homosexuality and culture within the Christian community is wonderful. God bless you, and keep up the great work!” –Matt

“First of all let me say that I’m a Muslim, and a happy one at that. I truly connected with, however, the spiritual love that is present in Andrew Marin’s message. I think the reason I can feel so connected to this Christian message is that I have met many gay Christians or former Christians who felt so spiritually alienated by other Christians. And here is a straight man working in the gay community to bring love. Talk about being a pioneer. And his message is not a blind love for the gay community, either. I love that Andrew is able to bring a balanced, real, straight (no pun intended) message full of love to people on both sides on this issue. He covers a lot of particular issues in his book. He deals with the subject of coming out. He talks about the political, stigma, and the shame LGBT people experience in the culture. He talks about the fact that we are all seeking validation, all of us – queer or straight. And then he launches his program of how to reach the community, how Christians can bring the love back– so to speak. Can you feel the love? –Afdhere

“I am a 16 year old boy living in Vermont. I am also gay. I lost my faith a couple years ago because I refused to affiliate with a religion that spreads hate. I want to personally thank you for bringing me my faith back.” –Joe

“I have gone though a difficult time in the last two years- and I have strayed from my relationship with God- and lately I’ve been searching for hope and some sort of sign for me to go to God and truly pray…I think … no I believe your kindness and your love and active actions are my personal sign that things in life are not all that bad even though at the moment I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.” –Sarah

“You flat out taught me how to love my gay son. Without you and The Marin Foundation I would still not be a part of his life because I was only told I couldn’t love and be connected to my son. Thank you for changing the rest of our lives.” –Susan

“I am a former pastor in a conservative church, and now an openly gay man. I just wanted to say thank you for the humility and love you display. I believe this type of attitude could only come as a result of being associated with the Jesus that leaps off the pages of the gospels – the same one who embraced and loved anyone who was marginalized.” –Mark

“I’m a bisexual woman and an atheist. I wish more people used religion as a tool to bring out the best in themselves, as you do, rather than using it as a tool to justify the worst in themselves as so many do. May the God I don’t believe in bless you.” –Elma

“Thanks so much to you all for your courage and humility to share a moment of reconciliation.” –Glen

“Thank you for being Jesus to my LGBT family!” –Rick

“So thank you, to The Marin Foundation, for making the world a little brighter in a completely different way.” –Aimee

“Thank you and your organization for what you do. I have never heard a Christian say “I’m Sorry” before, ever!” –Eric

“Thank you so much for you kind words and beautiful actions.  You are a breath of fresh air in this world.  With so much hate and intolerance around us it is amazing to open your mind and heart in such a loving way.  Again thank you…” –Tristan

“Thanks for doing your part to spread Love, dignity and reconciliation when so many others just want to cause further division and cloak it in “love”.” –Megan

“I’m a gay guy and it’s so refreshing to see people build bridges the way you did. I’m sorry for the gays that have shouted insults at you guys, too, without stopping to see what you were about first.” –Dave.

“Thank you for what you’re doing. You have seriously changed my life”. –Alysa

“Thank you so much for your inspirational message. You are truly doing the Lord’s work.” –Patrice

“I wish more churches were willing to step out like [you do] and embrace a community of humans who have so long been maligned by mainstream Christianity.” –Paul

“As a gay person who has been protested, harassed, followed around with bibles, and screamed at my whole life, thank you.” –Erica

“You broke me off a huge piece of knowledge about how I am commanded to sheppard my flock. I never wanted to open my eyes to my faults as a leader to my church, but you humbly, and gently brought my back closer to Jesus. Thank you more than you’ll know.” –Pastor Tom