The Marin Foundation works with conservative, liberal and LGBTQ churches and organizations, as well as with Christian and secular universities and seminaries domestically and internationally to facilitate a number of trainings, classes and forums that equip each institution (curriculums, research, immersions and unique knowledge) to create self-sustainable bridge building communities in their own local community. Our goal is to make both a systemic and individual difference in their region; and this can only happen through various local entities coming together within their own local context to intentionally move forward in leveling the disconnect between two traditionally opposing factions.

The Marin Foundation also domestically and internationally consults with government agencies and NGOs regarding a diverse range of public policy issues and conflicts. In addition we assist our clients through the implementation of The Marin Foundation’s Bridge Building Framework within a variety of political and social arenas filled with divergent populations that seemingly only want to marginalize the other.

The Marin Foundation’s consulting also works with for- and not-for-profit businesses on conflict resolution and crisis management, diversity training, global and cultural training, organizational change and transition, as well as executive leadership strategy. For more information utilizing our Consulting please email


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