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Educational Classes

Educational Classes

Educational Classes with The Marin Foundation’s Culture War Curriculum

If you have ever wanted to learn practical steps for building bridges between the LGBTQ community and conservatives, now is the time!  If you read Love is an Orientation and want to know, “Now what?” here is your answer. Whether you are a pastor, a parent, a youth worker, an LGBTQ individual, a professor, or someone who is simply interested in knowing how to elevate this conversation, this is for you! Join us for The Marin Foundation’s educational classes based on our innovative Culture War Curriculum.

The Culture War Curriculum is designed to offer concrete and feasible methods of engagement between divided communities.  These classes are a unique opportunity to be educated about the culture war between conservatives and the LGBTQ community and to learn how to answer tough questions by building bridges instead of tearing them down. You will walk away with a better understanding of the “Other” and new ways to connect in peaceful and productive dialogue.

The Culture War Curriculum covers the Social, Historical, Political, Scientific and Theological aspects of this topic and includes the following sections:

  • Historical Identity: Politics, Sex, Religion and the LGBTQ Community
  • Practical Applications to Building Bridges and Elevating the Conversation between Divided Communities
  • Faith and Life Acculturation: Discovering an Ideal Existence apart from Mainstream Norms
  • Our Town to Their Town: Understanding the Art of Biblical Interpretation
  • Theology of Sex and Sexuality
  • Scientific Research and Homosexuality: What is it? What does it conclude? How does that impact the divide? and Where do we go from here?

If you are interested in hosting a course in your city please contact us at classes@themarinfoundation.org.

More About the Culture War Curriculum:

The framework for all of our classes is to foster discussion. Both the progressive and conservative point of view will be discussed and each section will conclude with a model for a new paradigm of engagement. Our classes accept all points of view and our main objective is education, not condemnation.  We promote intellectual dialogue and a more holistic understanding of this issue.

Over the years our Culture War Curriculum has been taught for credit or in a series of lectures by The Marin Foundation at a number of LGBTQ, conservative, faith-based and secular non-profits, government agencies, clinics, high schools, community centers, churches large and small, and Christian and secular universities such as:

Ball State University, Belmont University, Churches Spanning 21 Different Religious Denominations, Colgate University, HIV/AIDS Clinics, Hospitals, Houghton College, Huntington University, Moody Theological Seminary, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, North Park University, North Park Theological Seminary, Northern Illinois University, Northwestern University, Regent University, Rochester Institute of Technology, United Nations International Headquarters, University of Illinois, University of Illinois-Chicago, Wheaton College and Whitworth University among others.

The curriculum can be taught in the following ways:

  • Weekend Modular
  • Week-long Modular
  • Once a Month or Once a Week Modulars

For more information about our current schedule or if you are interested in bringing our Culture War Curriculum to your area please email classes@themarinfoundation.org