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Below you will find our current fundraising initiatives. If you would like to make a donation of any size towards one of these initiatives, please enter the Initiative’s name in the “Tribute Name” or “Comments” boxes here.


The I’m Sorry Campaign

Fundraising Goal: $5,000

From a small idea at Chicago’s gay pride parade in 2010, the I’m Sorry Campaign is now held in over 20 cities each year across the United States, Canada, Latin America, United Kingdom and Australia. Our now viral “Hugging a Man in his Underwear” photo has been shared a staggering 34 million times! It is amazing how a simple photograph of people loving one another can touch the lives of so many. The amount needed to be raised covers the cost of facilitating the trainings of participants for their individual Campaigns.

Living in the Tension Gatherings

Fundraising Goal: $10,000

Every year, almost 3,000 people from all different shades of faith and sexuality attend our Living in the Tension Gatherings. From the far left to the far right, LGBTQ to heterosexual, our Living in the Tension Gatherings bring divergent groups of people together to facilitate a new medium of engagement on divisive cultural, theological and political issues. The amount needed to be raised covers the speakers, facilities and promotional materials to host our twice monthly small Living in the Tension Gatherings, and once quarterly large group gatherings.

Parent Resource Initiative

Fundraising Goal: $110,000

For full information on our Parent Resource Initiative, visit here. The amount to be raised covers the research to be conducted throughout the United States, including data analysis, curriculum development, and testing prior to its launch.

Live Online Interactive Video Lecture Series

Fundraising Goal: $45,000

This new initiative was birthed from the 32 new requests (via email, phone, Facebook, Twitter, etc) on average The Marin Foundation receives per day for continuing education. Our goal is that in 2015 The Marin Foundation will launch this live interactive video lecture series, focusing each month on new and practical applications, interviews and original content on how to build bridges between conflicting worldviews. As a member of this series, you will be able to interact with the individuals providing the content live–questions, comments, responses, clarification… the interaction is endless. We are planning the 2nd Tuesday of each month to host this live series online, six times throughout the day, so those interested all over the world will have access to proper timing with their daily lives. More details will come soon. The amount needed to be raised covers the equipment, web software, filming, editing and facility rental.

Consultation Follow-Up

Fundraising Goal: $100,000

Every year The Marin Foundation is invited to speak and teach at locations all throughout the world.  Speaking engagements include churches, universities, conferences, governments and organizations throughout the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. These requests throughout the year bring many blessings, but also the responsibility for us to ensure our brief time on-site does not go in vain. The amount needed to be raised covers the ability for timely follow-up for each location through resources, additional training and continued assistance.

Accredited Higher Education Classes

Fundraising Goal: $250,000

The United Nations has asked to partner with The Marin Foundation to help educate UN workers throughout the world on our principles of engagement. These classes will then also be used in partnership with a variety of universities across the United States as credited modular classes for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The amount needed to be raised covers the curriculum development, filming, editing, content development and higher education accreditation process.

None of those your cup of tea? There are plenty of other ways to help!

$10 pays for the materials for one person who attends a bridge building training session hosted by The Marin Foundation

$25 pays for one month of the hosting, maintenance, site design and updates for our website and blog

$50 pays for the space and time needed to invest in personally talking to one person, family, pastor, youth or government official who have reached a point of no hope with the LGBTQ-conservative disconnect. Overwhelmingly, since The Marin Foundation’s inception in July 2005 we have spent countless hours of time through phone calls, coffee shop and house meetings, along with all of our spiritual, physical and emotional energy to meet with in-person, email, or talk on the phone to every single person that reaches out for help. On average The Marin Foundation receives around 35 intakes a day (via email, phone, Facebook and Twitter) from people all over the world wanting help in some way, shape or form. It is our commitment that we individually respond, as best as we can, to each and every one. We believe that all life must be uniquely dignified and deserve our effort.

$100 pays for a scholarship for one person to go through The Marin Foundation’s educational classes. In these classes, LGBTQ and heterosexual people are being equipped with the knowledge of how to peacefully and productively handle the social, theological, historical, political and scientific means of Western society’s LGBTQ-conservative culture war.

$150 pays for one month (consisting of 2 meetings) of The Marin Foundation’s small group Living in the Tension Gatherings.

$2,000 pays for one of The Marin Foundation’s large group Living in the Tension Gatherings.

$3,000 pays for one on-site, three-day training session conducted by The Marin Foundation team.

To give an automatic reoccurring monthly tax-deductible donation on a secure link, click here.

To give a one time tax-deductible donation on a secure link, click here.

Each donation is fully tax-deductible to the furthest extent of the law.

The Marin Foundation takes, very seriously, the responsibility of being a faithful steward to every dollar donated to our work. Because we are a 501(c)(3) public charity, all of our tax records are open to public inspection. If you would like an official copy of any of The Marin Foundation’s yearly IRS returns, please call the Internal Revenue Service telephone assistance about Exempt Organizations from 7am-7pm CDT Monday-Friday at 877-829-5500. If you would like to see The Marin Foundation’s yearly tax returns please visit