DVD Curriculum

This resource is for any church, university, non-profit, organization, clinic, community center, small group of friends or individuals interested in what it means to not only elevate the conversation between the LGBTQ community and the conservative world, but also culturally engage each community through our Living in the Tension (LITT) gatherings—as there is an entire session devoted to building and sustaining your own LITT group. The six sessions include:









1) Love is an Orientation, 2) Building Bridges between Conservatives and the LGBTQ Community, 3) Theology of Bridge Builders, 4) Answering the Tough Questions, 5) Teens and Sexuality, and 6) Living in the Tension Gatherings

We are blessed to enter into this partnership with Zondervan Publishers, who have been the driving force behind making this resource a reality. They are the publishing leader in producing high quality, mass-market DVD curriculums (Rob Bell’s NOOMA series, NT Wright, Tim Keller and Gabe Lyons among others), and we are humbled they believe so strongly in us and our bridge building work.

 Order directly from The Marin Foundation here; you can order from Amazon here (DVD), here (Participant Guides) and here (Combo Pack). 

We filmed in a dozen locations around Boystown and the city of Chicago and nterviewed six LGBTQ people coming from different perspectives. Below you can find Session 6’s free downloadable PDF companion guide:

Downloadable Session 6 “Living in the Tension” PDF DVD Companion