Love Is an Orientation

Love is an Orientation

Andy Marin was caught off-guard when his three best friends came out to him in three consecutive months. Suddenly the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community – people he’d always seen as “out there” both literally and figuratively – were up close and personal. How could he reconcile his friends to his faith? That question has become his life’s work.

Why are so many people who are gay wary of people who are Christian? Do LGBTQ people need to change who they are? Do Christians need to change what they believe? Love Is an Orientation elevates the conversation from genetics to gospel and builds a bridge between these two communities – a bridge that leads straight to the good news of Jesus Christ.

Download for free the Introduction to Love is an Orientation and learn the circumstances of what led a straight, Bible-banging homophobe to get started on this bridge building path.

Critical Acclaim

Love is an Orientation has won five national book awards, more than any other individual book in the long standing history of InterVarsity Press:

– Golden Cannon Award for Leadership Journal’s Best 10 Overall Books of 2009
– Culture Award for Outreach Magazine’s Best Resources of 2009
– Top 20 Best Overall Books of 2009 by RELEVANT Magazine
– Top 20 Best Overall Books of 2009 by Englewood Review of Books
– Lime Award for Top 10 Best Non-Fiction Books of 2009 by The Christian Manifesto

In March 2011, Besides the Bible named Love is an Orientation as one of the all time “100 Books That Have, Should, Or Will Create Christian Culture”

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