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Over the years we have taught at a number of religious venues, as well as a number of secular and Christian universities, non-profits and government agencies.

We are still compiling the talks we are able to find that are publicly accessible on-line. We will continue updating this page.


Gordon College

Red Letter Christian TV (scroll down to Andrew Marin Part I and II)

CBS Chicago Different Drummers

CBN News

CBS Nashville News

Lumen 1.30

Idea Camp SEX

Living in the Tension Gathering with Tony Campolo

Living in the Tension Gathering with PD Williams and Intersex Discussion Questions

Lumen 1.31

Youth Questions

The Idea Camp

The LGBT Evangelical Network

The Part 1

The Part 2

The 700 Club

Speaking Out


Capitol Hill – Washington, DC

CBN News

Living in the Tension Gathering with Jess

Newsong Church

Willow Creek Community Church

Youth Worker Journal


BBC World News

Azariah Speaks

CCC Omaha

Restore Community Church KC


Huntington University (5 lectures from Andrew Marin – scroll to September 2011)

Duke University

First Evangelical Free Church Chicago (Scroll to date May 22, 2011)

Mount Vernon Nazarene University (Scroll to date March 18, 2011)

Steve Brown, Etc Radio Show

New Community Covenant Church

Caffeinated Faith Podcast

All Hallows UK

Houghton College (Scroll to dates Sept 20 and 22, 2010)

LaSalle St. Church

Moody Radio

Parkcrest Church (Scroll down to FAQs, click on Show Details below the FAQ heading, and then click on the first link)

The Gay Agenda Radio Show

Youth Hacks

Relevant Magazine

Christian Community Development Association

Praxis Podcast

Urbana 09


BBC World News

NBC Nashville News

Christian Post

Huffington Post

Relevant Magazine


Christianity Today

The Tennessean

Christian Post

Dallas Morning News

Huffington Post



Christianity Today

Read the Spirit

Young Anabaptist Radicals


Visit the Published Articles page for more information, commentary and analysis.

Also visit Andrew Marin’s YouTube Channel and see Andrew interview authors Alan Hirsch, Chris Heuertz, Jay Bakker, Jeremy Marks, Phyllis Tickle, Shane Claiborne, Soong-Chan Rah, Tony Campolo, Tony Jones, and Civil Rights leader John Perkins; among many others. Andrew also has dozens of interviews with LGBTQ individuals, and parents and friends of LGBTQ individuals at Pride parades around the country.

Criticism of The Marin Foundation:

As an organization that works in controversial areas within a public forum, we are acutely aware that anyone in any place can form a passionate opinion about our work, ethos and integrity. The Marin Foundation has nothing to hide, and thus, here are some of the criticisms we receive from both the conservative religious and LGBTQ activist communities.

Michael Brown

Michaelangelo Signorile (In which Andrew responded to Signorile’s claims here)

Robert Gagnon

WCIPS Anglican Conference

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