Published Articles

Peer Reviewed Journals:

Contending Sexualities: Faith Communities and the Ethics of Inclusivity by Andrew Marin (Ecclesiological Investigations, April 2012)

Winner Take All? — A Political and Religious Assessment of the Culture War Between the LGBT Community and Conservatives by Andrew Marin (Journal of Political Theology, August 2011)

Mission and the Gay Community by Andrew Marin (Anvil Theological Journal (UK), January 2010)

Print Journals:

Andy Stanley, Al Mohler and the Theological Tensions of Homosexuality by Andrew Marin (Leadership Journal, May 2012)

The Future of College Ministry: Shifting Relational Paradigms to the First Century by Andrew Marin (Youthworker Journal, June 2011)

Learning to Live and Love with the Gay Community by Andrew Marin (Mission Catalyst Journal (UK), March 2011)

Beyond ‘Us versus Them’ by Andrew Marin (Leadership Journal, June 2009)

Project Love by Andrew Marin (Q Journal, April 2008)

Print Media Publications:

Being Holy in an Age of Being Right by Michael Kimpan (RELEVANT Magazine, July 2012)

What is an Evangelical? by Andrew Marin (Sojourners, October 2011)

Finding God in Boystown by Andrew Marin (RELEVANT Magazine, September 2009)

It’s Our Fault: Examining the Gay vs. Christian Culture War by Andrew Marin (Neue Quarterly, Spring 2009)

Online Media Publications:

Would Jesus Fight a Legal Battle Against Same-Sex Marriage? by Andrew Marin (Philosophical Fragments, December 2012)

This is Pure – A Tax Collector and Sinner Who Shouldn’t Be Here by Michael Kimpan (Red Letter Christians, November 2012)

Possibilities: Is This What Got Jesus Killed? by Michael Kimpan (Red Letter Christians, October 2012)

(Un)Patriotic – Politics are Ugly by Michael Kimpan (Red Letter Christians, September 2012)

Me Neither: Jesus Draws His Line in the Sand by Michael Kimpan (Red Letter Christians, September 2012)

Chick-Fil-A, Homosexuality and the Problem with American Civic Engagement by Andrew Marin (Red Letter Christians, August 2012)

On Justice, Marriage and Obama by Michael Kimpan (Red Letter Christians, June 2012)

Offensive Jesus? by Michael Kimpan (Red Letter Christians, April 2012)

Jesus for Prez by Michael Kimpan (Red Letter Christians, February 2012)

From HIV to HAI by Andrew Marin (People of the Second Chance, #LabelsLie Campaign, January 2012)

Toward a Better Future for Gays at Evangelical Seminaries by Andrew Marin (Patheos, November 2011)

Al Mohler, Mullets and Gay Marriage by Michael Kimpan (Red Letter Christians, October 2011)

Love More People by Nathan Albert (InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, September 2011)

Starbucks, Willow Creek, and Christian Homophobia? by Andrew Marin (Patheos, August 2011)

An Understanding of Radical Love by Andrew Marin (Red Letter Christians, July 2011)

When Jesus Quoted the Old Testament…And Why It Matters by Andrew Marin (Red Letter Christians, May 2011)

Faithful Christianity Means a Walking Hypocrite? by Andrew Marin (Red Letter Christians, April 2011)

Daydreamers by Michael Kimpan (Red Letter Christians, February 2011)

Regardless of Orientation, Seek Holiness by Nathan Albert (Faith ON Campus, January 2011)

No ‘Christian Compassion’ in Response to Anti-Gay Bullying, Suicides by Andrew Marin (Religious Dispatches, October 2010)

When Teen Suicide is a Mainstream Medium by Andrew Marin (Crosswalk, October 2010)

Evangelicals and Gays: A New Medium of Engagement by Andrew Marin (Patheos, April 2010)

Church Governance and Homosexuality by Andrew Marin (Jesus Creed, April 2009)