Thank you for your interest in having someone from The Marin Foundation team speak, train, teach, lecture or consult at your event, church, university, seminary, non-profit or business.

For more information please email speaking@themarinfoundation.org.

You will then receive the following:

  • A general Intake form that overviews your particular requests and dates
  • An Option Sheet that lists the particular talks, trainings and lectures of your requested Foundation team member. If none of them match your needs, we are more than happy to craft our message to your specific situation.

When those are returned you will be informed if your request is available.

If accepted we will then send you a contract to sign and finalize.


Andrew Marin

For Andrew’s full bio, click here

With strong communicative skills and deep insights into biblical themes and the interplay between people, politics, sex and faith within our surrounding culture, Andrew is internationally known for his ability to stir an audience’s soul to live a countercultural life that engages the best of what this world can be. From places such as Capitol Hill to the United Nations to small living room house churches, Andrew’s messages are focused on tangible applications of what dignity, love and reconciliation with the other, the enemy, and the root of contempt and disconnect looks like. Whether it is communicating on topics of sexuality, faith, or leadership principles to governments from around the world, Andrew cares about seeing a bold life and faith brought back to the norm of what it means to exist in society today.